Sand Mountain is one huge pile of sand 600 feet high. Off road vehicle of every size and description race up and down this hill at up to 90 miles an hour. On holiday weekends some of the fastest hill climbers in the country come to compete in unofficial races up and down the mountain.

Sand Mountain recreation area is about around 5,000 acres with all the action occurring around the base of the huge sand dune. A gravel road leads off highway 50 to San mountain. Just about any car can drive the road up to the dune but playing in the sand is only for off road capable vehicles.

Just a quarter-mile west of the turn-off to Sand Mountain is a dirt road leading to one of the best-preserved Pony Express stations in Nevada. If you are planning a journey along highway 50 take the short side trip and see this amazing mountain of sand.

San Mountain is a booming sand dune, the sound can be heard as you climb down from the top of the dune. Your weight compresses the sand and it emits a booming noise.

One of the few inhabitants of the dune is the Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly. The butterfly is closely associated with its host plant, the Kearney buckwheat which grows within the dune system. This wild buckwheat is the only food source for the butterfly larvae.
Sand Mountain Nevada
Sand Mountain Nevada
Hikers can explore the historic 1860 Pony Express station and enjoy the desert scenery. There is a camping area at the base of the mountain, campfires are permitted, but there is no wood available.

Be sure to bring plenty of water if you plan to visit sand mountain. Vehicle Use is Restricted on Some Sand Mountain Trails so be sure to observe all rules.

Sand Mountain is located east of Fallon, Nevada, about 25 minutes along Highway 50 (about 100 miles east of Lake Tahoe). If you visit in the early months of the year, it is possible to see a little snow here and there.

Typically by the end of March/April, temperatures will be in the mid-60s to 70s and daytime riding can be enjoyed.
There are three toilets, but no running water or electricity. Fee Area: $90/year $40/week - Collected by BLM. Bring plenty of water and gas Sand Mountain is out in the middle of the nevada desert.

Sand Mountain is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management as a designated off-highway-vehicle recreation area.
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