Caliente Railroad Depot is located in southeastern Nevada. The once busy Union Pacific station now houses the Caliente city offices and a small public library.

Freight trains still pass by the historic mission style station but since Amtrak pulled out years ago there is no more passenger service. There is a small box car museum next to the station Hours: 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Monday through friday year-round.

Caliente was at one time a Union Pacific hub. Its location half way between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City made it an ideal stop over for trains. Union Pacific had a roundhouse and repair facilities for steam locomotives at the east edge town.

When steam locomotives were replaced with diesel in the 1940's operations moved to Las Vegas.
Caliente Railroad Depot
Caliente Railroad Depot
Caliente is an interesting stop along Highway 93 if you are in the area visiting nearby Rainbow Canyon or Kershaw-Ryan State Park.

There are three motels in town, the Midway Motel, the Shady Motel and Rainbow Canyon Motel. Dining options are equal with two reasonably priced restaurants and one great pizza place offering fresh salads. The local Bureau of Land Management office is open to the public, and is well-stocked with maps, flyers and books highlighting local features

Caliente was founded in 1901 on Culverwell Ranch. The town was initially given the name of Calientes, due to the hot springs present in the area, but after the post office was built the "s" from the name of the town.

At one time the town boasted a population of nearly 5,000. Today the town has a little over 1000 permanent residents.

Caliente Railroad Depot and Boxcar Museum 100 Depot Ave Caliente, Nevada. Rainbow Canyon and Kershaw-Ryan State Park are located just south of Caliente, while Beaver Dam, Cathedral Gorge, Spring Valley and Echo Canyon State Parks are about a one hour drive.
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