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Nevada Day Trips Exploring The Silver State

Nevada Day Trips
Nevada Day Trips is a resource for both locals and visitors. Search through over fascinating points of interest in the Silver State. Sometimes the best journeys begin with a road trip. With plenty of wide-open highways its only a short drive from Reno or Las Vegas to historical and natural wonders. Many of these trips can be made in one day, some are best with an overnight stay.
Las Vegas Events
Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park
Goodsprings Nevada
Berlin-Ichthyosaur Park ghost towns and million year old fossils
Goodsprings home of the one of the oldest saloons in Nevada.
Nevada Northern Railway Museum
Gold Point Nevada
Nevada Northern Railway history buffs will love this trip.
Gold Point Nevada stay in a miners cabin for a wild west adventure.
Belmont Ghost Town
Carson City Day Trip
Fort Churchill
Lost City Museum
Belmont Ghost Town 46 miles from north of Tonopah, Nevada.
Carson City Day Trip a short 30-minute drive to the states capital
Fort Churchill was built to provide protection to early Nevada settlers.
Lost City Museum view artifacts from Pueblo Grande de Nevada
Beatty Museum
Boulder City
Spring Mountains National Recreation Area
Rhyolite Ghost Town
Beatty visit Death Valley or explore local points of interest.
Boulder City is located just over 20 miles outside Las Vegas.
Spring Mountains Recreation Area 50 miles from Las Vegas
Rhyolite Ghost Town 3 story bank building and bottle house.
Ward Charcoal Ovens Nevada
Ward Charcoal Ovens six beehive-shaped charcoal ovens.
Virginia City Nevada
Red Rock Canyon
Mormon Station
Cave Lake Nevada State Park
Bonnie Springs Old Nevada
Virginia City take a trip back in time to the American west.
Red Rock Canyon one of the most scenic places in Nevada.
Mormon Station Park easy drive from Reno. Restored fort.
Cave Lake State Park Northern Nevada park fishing and camping.
Bonnie Springs Old Nevada old mining town offers plenty to do.
Nevada State Museum at Springs Preserve
Thunder Mountain Park Nevada
Tonopah Mining Museum
Pyramid Lake
Cathedral Gorge State Park>
Nevada State Museum Springs Preserve. The Great Basin.
Thunder Mountain Park unusual sculptures and buildings.
Tonopah Mining Museum dedicated to preserving history.
Pyramid Lakeremnant of ancient Lake Lahontan.
Cathedral Gorge State Park unique Eastern Nevada State Park
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